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Nappy User Guide

Our nappies are all pre-washed for maximum absorbency. When required nappy cream and ointments to treat nappy rash, (usually due to parents exhaustion and too tired to care changing yet another nappy) too much nappy rash cream decrease absorbency of the nappies, so we recommend buying bamboo flushable nappy liners when the poo excretes are getting too sticky to shake into the toilet from the cloth nappy. Usually happens from starting solids from 6 months old on puree/mashed foods. Breastfed newborn excretes are water soluble so they are very easy to clean!

Home Washing and Care

  • Once soiled, few days worth of nappies in the laundry bag can be wash in a single load, depending on your washing machine capacity. 
  • The laundry bag are washable and waterproof - and smell trapping. You can use a hook to hang the nappy bag near the change table. I use cloth face washers from baby department store and a bottle of water to create washable wet wipes for cleaning baby bottoms. The soiled cloth can be washed in the same load as soiled nappies.
  • Set your washing machine in a prewash heavy cycle (long wash cycle) in 40C (warm or  hot depending on your water heater setting for keeping kids safe!). 
  • Spin on  high speed. 
  • Dry out in  direct sunlight to bleach any stains and exterminate virus using natural UV light.

Limit Use of nappy creams and use a biodegradable nappy liner for longer use life. Frequent changing of nappy helps to keep nappy rash away. Change the nappy at least 5 times in 24 hours.